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Bronze Award


The Bronze Award is all about having a well behaved dog in the public. It is a basic standard that all adult dogs can achieve and covers all the basics. From here you can progress onto the silver and gold test. Courses last 6 weeks, with week 6 being your test.

For more information click here: GCDS Bronze Award (PDF)


8th April, 15th April, 23rd April, 29th April, 7th May, 13th May  (please note the days are Mondays and Tuesdays) 7pm - 7.45pm - bookings being taken

25th February 2019 - 7pm to 7.45pm - FULL.

14th January 2019 - Ideford village hall - 8pm - 8.45pm - FULL

12th November - 6 weeks - Ideford village hall - 8pm - 8.45pm. FULL

6th August - FAST TRACK (3 weeks) - 7pm - 7.45pm. FULL

4th June - BRONZE - outside - 7pm-7.45pm. FULL

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