Dog Walking

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Professional dog walking in Newton Abbot

Your dog will be taken on an exciting river or woodland walk in a small group. Walks are varied so your dog will never get bored of the same place.

Come rain or shine I will collect your dog and he will be securely and safely transported to the walk where he can run free, investigate smells, go for a swim and play with the other dogs. 

We do not take balls or toys out on our walks - dogs are encouraged to use their surroundings for stimulation, without hurtling after toys and damaging their joints.

We do not have 'caged' vans - all our dogs are very sociable and we also know some dogs can get stressed in cages if they are not used to being in them.

All exercise is closely supervised but the dogs are encouraged to socialise and interact with their environment. The mental stimulation that this provides is almost as important as the physical benefits of playing and running.

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We will come and meet you and your dog and take full details and any requirements that you have. I will take into account any medical or behavioral issues that are of concern to you.

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We will consider any breed and age of dog and place them in a group of dogs that will suit their individual needs. 

We will not take any aggressive dogs within our groups; these will be walked separately and charged accordingly. 

Happy Hounds like Happy walks :)

Currently full - January 2018