Smart and Sassy - other classes

Smart and Sassy

This is a fun course focused on having a well behaved dog, but also doing fun training exercises with them, without the pressure of a test at the end.

There are 4 stages to ‘smart and sassy’ ; starters, graduate, advanced, expert.


This is the next stage on from puppy foundation. Also suitable for beginners and dogs new to training. This is a good course to do before starting the KC Bronze award.


This is for after KC Silver. This is best suited to dogs working towards the Gold award. It is a nice course to bridge the gap between silver and gold, as the gold award has much harder elements to it.


A course for dogs that have completed KC Gold award.

These courses are designed to be more fun, but still focusing on having a well behaved, obedient dog. We will cover various obedience exercises as well as some tricks, which can eventually be linked together. We will also cover some nose work games.

From spring to autumn these will take place outside on our private grounds, during winter months they will take place in a hall.

Dogs must be friendly, non-reactive, and focused to work


Beginners - 19th February - 6pm -6.45pm - bookings now being taken

Graduate - 15th January - 7pm-7.45pm - FULL

Beginners - 15th January 2018 - 5pm-5.45pm & 6pm-6.45pm - BOTH FULL

Both courses have 2 qualified instructors present and a maximum of 8 dogs.

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We do require a non-refundable deposit and this will secure your place on the course.