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01.12.2002 - 21.05.2015

We lost Breeze to an aggressive type of cancer last year at 12 1/2 years old. 

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In her last years she was retired from behavioural work to help out in our puppy classes. She has done various training over the years including obedience, tracking and agility.

She has been a massive part of 'Happy Hounds' over the years, helping many dogs, including our Bella. She will be greatly missed by many.


Bella is a curly coated retriever and is 6 years old. She competes in agility at grade 4. She is also used in our puppy classes and as a stooge dog in behavioural one - ones.

She is very placid and easy going and has achieved the KC Good Citizen Gold Award and also the Silver Agility Warrant.

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Brooke is 4 years old and has achieved her CDex, UD Open stake UDex, WD Open, a WDex, and a TD open gaining first place in working trials. She loves to be kept busy, all the time! 

She also attends puppy class as our socialising dog and has her KC Gold Good Citizen. She has also just started doing some agility training which she loves, and may start competing next year.


Reef is 3 years old. He has done some basic working trials training and now enjoys agility training - he has just started competing this year and loves it. He has recently won into grade 4 after winning an agility class in Okehampton.

Reef is full of life, loves making a row, and loves being out and about!

He has achieved his Kennel Club Gold good citizen award and is now working towards getting his bronze agility warrant.


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Mae is 3 years old, we have had her from 18 months old. She is Bella's niece! 

She has lots of personality and energy.

She has attended ringcraft classes and comes to our puppy classes which she loves. We are hoping to start some agility with her in the Summer if she enjoys it but she is currently our show girl having recently won 2 first places at Crufts 2016, and has qualified for Crufts for life!

She has a lovely kind, soft temperament but is usually up to mischief out in the woods!

She has achieved her KC Gold good citizen award.

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